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Caffe´ Borbone

Caffe´ Borbone - Great Italian Coffee

On the 10th of May 1734 AD, legend has it that Charles of Borbone, ruler of Naples and King of Spain, before arriving in Naples stopped at the monastery of the Minimi Friars just outside Porta Capuana. He had the desire to taste the dark beverage with the robust and distinct aroma of which he had been told. This brew was rumored to possess certain properties that would strengthen both body and soul. The friars had gone to great lengths to prepare the beverage for the new king, for they wanted to please him.
It is believed that this was the period during which the Neapolitan style of preparing coffee was born.
Two hundred and fifty years later, as technology changed and has transformed how coffee is made, the passion and attentiveness to the preparation of real coffee in the Neapolitan way is better and more improved than ever. Neapolitans are still known for preparing the finest and richest tasting cup of espresso in the world.

All pods and capsules are individually foil wrapped which means that the coffee is always fresh when you open one of these beautiful packets.

Coffee Pods are biodegradable.

Caffe´ Borbone offers 5 different blends, each of them having its own qualities.

These blends are available in  Nespresso* compatible , Lavazza* a modi mio compatible capsules and the ESE 44mm pods.

  • Blue Blend: The taste is balanced and has the right level of roasting.
  • Black Blend: Is dense and creamy.
  • Gold Blend: The traditional Neapolitan coffee.
  • Red Blend: A burst of energy due to its strong flavour and intensity.
  • Green Blend: It may seem like the classic espresso, but with only one exception...... Its decaffeinated.

Quality Control

Our management and quality control system ensures food safety of our products. Our internal quality management system is checked by independent certifying bodies to demonstrate conformity with international standards.

From the plantations to the industry

Quality control begins directly in the plantations. Our technical team for years helping farmers in rural communities to improve the quality of their products and to adopt environmentally sustainable farming practices.
In this way make sure not only the access to high quality raw materials but allows us to protect or even increasing the eco-sustainability of the entire cultivation process.

Industrial Controls

During all the stages of preparation our technical team monitors and ensures the production of the products. Watchful eyes of our staff control both production and bagging ensuring the maintenance and safety of the raw material.